Welcome to Low Tide Tattoos

*********COVID-19 UPDATE, AND PROTOCOL*********

As of Friday June 5th 2020, we are OPEN!!
Protocol- NO guests with you, these are bosses orders, and are being followed to reduce the amount of interactions with people. Face masks are required, and I will get in contact with you the day before, or morning of your appointment to confirm, as well as to confirm that you are in good health enough to get tattooed. Upon entering the shop, you will be required to wash your hands, and disinfect your phone (I will provide disinfectant wipes). Our consent form waivers are available in your app store under ACES HIGH TATTOO (thanks to the amazing crew at Reeper Tech) It is free to download, and you can fill this out before coming in as to reduce contact with equipment in the shop.
I ONLY book 1-2 clients PER DAY that I am working. Because of this, bigger pieces/ longer sessions will get priority. If you are looking to get multiple pieces in one sitting, you can book in for a longer flat rate block of time.


Shop Hours
Monday 12-7 pm
Tuesday 12-7 pm
Wednesday 12-7 pm
Thursday 12-7 pm
Friday 12-8 pm
Saturday 12-8 pm
Sunday 12-6 pm

Consultations are free during business hours. During the consultation, we will discuss your ideas, placement, size, style, and your budget. If you decide to book an appointment once we are done the consultation, there is information below on deposits.
I do not give price quotes over the phone, email or internet. In person consultations are preferred unless you are traveling to me to get tattooed, then we can make arrangements.

Deposits are required to book a tattoo appointment.

Shop minimum ------------------------------------$80
Half day session ( 3-4hour block)---------------$600
Full day session (7-8 hour block)---------------$1000

Deposits for tattoos up to 1 hour-------------- $60
Deposits for 3 hour block------------------------$100
Deposits for half day sessions----$150
Deposits for full day sessions-----$300

Remainder of balance due at the end of your session.

The following will result in a forfeit of your deposit:
• No call/No show
• Less than 48 hour notice of cancellation/reschedule
• Tardiness of more than 15 minutes
• Rescheduling more than one time.
• Leaving a deposit for 30 days without contact.
• Changing idea/design/placement/size/budget more without proper notice (48 hour minimum notice)
• Deposits are valid for 30 days.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to working with you and making your ideas come to life. I take a lot of pride in my work, and want to create the best pieces possible for you.

I also operate Neon Shark Gallery through this site as well for my photography work. Prints are available in multiple surfaces from matte, glossy, metallic luster photo paper, canvas gallery wraps, giclee prints, and metal or glass up to 40"x60"
All photography prints are limited edition, signed and numbered. Once they are sold out, they don't get reprinted, and go into the archives.

Thank you for visiting the site, and taking the time to view my work!